Close Protection

M.S.S select each individual or team specifically suited to the client's requirement or environments to which they will be assigned. Our operatives can work both overt and covert to ensure the optimum effect is achieved at all times.


Close protection of the individual brings a variety of requirements with each individual portfolio. All of M.S.S high net worth or high risk clients require an independent threat assessment for their particular circumstance. The client's threat portfolio remains a concern 24/7 and is therefore constantly updated and where necessary upgraded.


Larger corporations world wide are using this service for their high ranking executives. M.S.S always provides operatives with the correct profile and protocol to suit each environment of which the client is operating. The team or operative will complete a full threat assessment of each location or region that the client may be operating within.


In some cases the client does not require a physical security presence to be with them 24/7. What may be required is a security team to control access to the residence where the clients family reside. M.S.S would provide a threat portfolio for the client and select the correct profiled individual or team to work within this requirement. This form of security is also an excellent form of deterrent for criminal activity.

High Risk Protection

Operatives from M.S.S who carry out assignments overseas have received a high level of training for this theatre of work. They may be required to carry out their assignments in hostile environments or a war zone. Each member of an overseas M.S.S team will have received a high level of pre-deployment training in fire-arms, where necessary and progressive/defensive driver training. Any team that is deployed by M.S.S have all worked together on regular assignments and have a good working knowledge of the region they are operating within.

Threat Assessment

Every assignment that is carried out by M.S.S operatives has provided a full analysis of risk to the individual or group. It will consider the environment within which the client is operating or living and the lifestyle lived within that. This will allow an assessment on the capabilities of an individual or group who may be considered a threat to the clients well being.

Intelligent Planning

Each assignment is planned out by the individual or team and presented to the divisional operations director before being presented to the client. The assignment will have been planned with the latest intelligence available for the region or location and will have a complete bespoke solution presented to the client. This service will continue for duration of the assignment to the client.