Drug and Alcohol Policy

QBD.05 Drugs and Alcohol Policy

1.0 General

Many workplace accidents, injuries and significant lost productivity are caused by alcohol or drug abuse on an annual basis. Our company policy is to have a work force that does not engage in the illegal use of drugs or in the abuse of alcohol. We regard any alcohol or drug abuse by employees as very serious and something that this company cannot tolerate or condone.

We actively discourage any alcohol or drug abuse outside the workplace. Use of illegal drugs or alcohol at the work place or any company premises is absolutely forbidden.

2.0 Possession, Use or Sale

Possession, use or sale of drugs or alcohol on company property, at any work site, or while on the job is grounds for serious disciplinary action which may include termination. Legal consequences may also occur.

All employees must be in good physical and mental condition for work when their shift starts and must be there on time, which drug or alcohol abuse interferes with. Our company endeavours to provide a working environment that is safe, healthy, and drug-free.

3.0 Drug Testing

When there is reasonable suspicion that an employee has engaged in prohibited use of drugs or alcohol, the company reserves the right to make them undergo an alcohol or drug test. Reasonable suspicion is defined as including, but is not limited to:

Any evidence of alcohol or drug use of a physical or testimonial nature The occurrence of an accident involving the employee, or an Apparent impairment of work performance.

Refusal to submit to a requested alcohol or drug test can result in discipline, with sanctions ranging to and including termination.

4.0 Prescription Medication

Prescription medication or over-the-counter medication that can negatively impact on an employee's work performance should be avoided if at all possible. If use of such medication renders an employee unable to properly or safely perform their job duties, their employment may be suspended or terminated.

Employees who are taking prescription medication or over-the-counter medication that can negatively impact their job performance must inform their supervisor of this prior to reporting to work.

5.0 Reporting Criminal Convictions

Employees convicted of any criminal drug offense, regardless of where it took place must report such conviction to the company in writing within three days. A similar report must be made in writing within three days of any pending court appearance or police caution for a drug related incident.

6.0 Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Our company endeavours to assist employees who want to undergo rehabilitation or treatment for dependency on alcohol or drugs. Employees will not be terminated for trying to seek help for such problems and treatment of rehabilitation program enrolment will not be noted in an employee's personnel file.

Employees enrolled in such programs must consent to being subjected to random drug testing and will be terminated if they fail such tests.

Management Security Solutions Limited employees with a drug or alcohol problem are encouraged to ask the company for help.