Hotel Security

M.S.S provides the hotel industry with a service that we believe cannot be matched by any other. This division of the company has an operations director with more than 9 years experience within the security sector of the industry, thus insuring the personnel are suitable for the many varied roles it undertakes. M.S.S is currently preferred suppliers in London for 3 of the world's largest hotel chains, as well as an exclusive independent London hotel.

In House Security

In house security officers support the hotels existing security team, covering for staff holidays and illness. The operative has the necessary training to fit into the role of the existing security format. This enables our operatives to confidently carry out the individual requirements for this position.

Function Security

Function Security officers are responsible for ensuring the security and safety of both the function guests and staff alike. The individual operative or team may be required to offer assistance in any special requirements made by the hotel, or the client of the hotel. These requirements may include crowd control or VIP escorts plus the securing of auction items or escorting cash to a secure location within the hotel. M.S.S operatives also act as fire marshals and first aiders.

Back of House Security

Back of house security officers provide general support for the hotel security team and security manager. In addition this role brings the added responsibility of being the main point of contact for the issuing of keys and possibly cash floats for all departments within the hotel.

Lobby Security Officer

Lobby security officers provide an essential role within the security team setup. They become the eyes of the in house security officer in what is traditionally the busiest public area of the hotel. Most hotels in London now have this particular position in place and it has proven to act as a deterrent to potential criminal activities.